More Or Less…Lamps

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tripod lamp

More or Less

I hope everyone is doing great! We’ve talked about lighting here and we’re talking lighting again today. Lamps are so critical in providing good lighting in any room, not just for aesthetics but lamps are good for function as well. This floor lamp would be nice in a reading corner with a chaise or comfy chair. Or, you could place this lamp next to the sofa. These two lamps are so similar so yep I’d go for the Less!

Which would you choose?

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Keep Calm And Visit London

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London, travel, vacation

It’s time to go!

Hello pretties!
I’m backkk!! How was your week and weekend?? Can’t believe I was away for a week but vacation was a blast!! London is one cool city, like New York’s first cousin. I’m sharing lots and lots of pics, so divas and dudes please forgive the slow load time!

Hotel K &K George, Oyster card, the tube

Hotel K&K George; Complimentary Wine; Oyster Card;Earl’s Court;Cookies and Coke

London dining, food, foodie

Marsala Zone; Nando’s; Poppies; Gourmet Burger; The Berkley; McDonald’s; Zizzi’s


London Divas

London attractions

Big Ben; Tower Bridge; Trafalgar Square

London Eye

London Eye

London, City of London, phone booth

London Sights

Camden Market, Camden Lock henna tattoo

Camden Market

Portobello Road Market

Portobello Road Market

Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle



Oxford England


I have nothing but love for London! The hotel was not only quite nice – but the staff treated us like Divas, very accommodating. We found Londoners to be friendly and helpful. I was a little leery about the food scene, but when I tell you everything we devoured was delicious, I’m soooo serious!!! London is known for huge markets(Camden and Portabello were awesome) and big names like Harrod’s (a shopper’s dream) and Selfridges. My favorite part of London? The tube. Best transportation system I’ve used while traveling!

That’s a peek at the vacay/bday trip. It was truly an amazing trip and I’m blessed to have had the opportunity to visit a beautiful city like London. Have an awesome day!

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These Shoes Were Made For Walking Or Sightseeing

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travel shoes, flip-flops, flats, athleisure


Happy Friday y’all,
Tomorrow is vacation, oh yeah, oh yeah! My vacation style is lots and lots of sightseeing – there is no such thing as taking too many pictures. If you’re walking about capturing the sights and sounds of your vacation spot, you’re going to need a good pair of walking shoes. Now your choice really depends on your shoe style and where you are going. I’ve curated 4 good choices.

Walking Shoes

If you’re taking a quick weekend jaunt to the beach, the flip flops are a good idea. Comfy and nice in warmer weather. Taking a staycation in your hometown, sandals are fine for short walks visiting a historic neighborhood. Stylish but still comfortable. Oh, taking a weekend seeing a show in a big city, the flats will work for day or night attire and still be trendy and comfortable. And how about walking the streets in a foreign country, athleisure shoes are comfortable and suitable for the cobblestone or rugged streets you might find in a foreign country.

I’ve mentioned comfort over and over because nothing will ruin a good vacation more than achy or sore feet. My suggestion, forget being cute and get a walking shoe that matches your vacation agenda.

What’s your favorite walking shoe?

I’ll be posting a bit less next week but do stop by and follow me on Instagram for all the sights!

Have an awesome weekend pretties!

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Let’s Go…Packing Cubes

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packing cubes

Hello there,
Well, 1 more day before vacay, the excitement is building! I enjoy reading other blogs and I noticed the travel bloggers were raving about packing cubes as an easy way to keep your clothes well organized in the suitcase and once you land. Let’s face it, packing can be a drag, so anything to help the process a long is fine by me. So, I decided to give packing cubes a whirl for this trip. Here’s how they work:

ebags, travel, travel cubes

Sort your clothes by category

Add the clothes, zip it up, toss in the suitcase

Add the clothes, zip it up, toss in the suitcase

packing cubes

Viola! Finished packing!

The packing cubes worked out really well with lots of room leftover for shoes and toiletries. These are from eBags and come in a variety of sizes and colors. A few nice features of these packing cubes include mesh fabric that keeps the air circulating, double zippers to keep clothes secure and a nice handle for easy transport. I wanted two specific colors so I purchased 6 bags(3 medium and 3 small) in my chosen colors for around $40, not too bad at all. And, you can get a nice discount if you sign-up for email.

Receive 10% Off Your First Purchase When You Sign Up for eBags Insider Emails. * Some brand restrictions apply.

Have you used packing cubes?

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More Or Less…Carry-on Bag

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carry on bag, tote bag, travel

More OR Less

4 more days until vacation pretties and I’m getting antsy for real. Travel can be a big hassle with bag fees and airport security and all that jazz. But, even with all the extra goings on, you still need a cute carry-on bag for your travel essentials. Of course you can always buy a luggage set with the suitcase and the carry-on, but for me that’s a little too matchy-matchy. If you want something a little more fashionable, try a cute tote bag that can double as your handbag and carry-on. These two totes are pretty close in features and style but boy the price is vastly different. Even though the More is leather, it isn’t worth the $1000+ difference, I’m going with the Less.

Which would you choose for your travel plans?

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The Art Of The Thank You Note

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birthday, gifts, thank you notes
How was your weekend? Mine was very quiet. I was so tired from birthday festivities that I really needed a couple of days to do nothing. I took some time to really look at the birthday gifts and I was yet again in tears, as my friends and family were so thoughtful in their gift giving. These days with email this and text that, or post this status, I could easily send a digital thank you. But I’m old school and love handwritten thank you notes. I appreciate the time taken to select and purchase these gifts so a personal thank you note is in order.

How to Write a Thank You Note

What you’ll need:
Note cards/stationary
Postage stamps
A good pen
Address list
A few heartfelt lines to express your sincere appreciation, mention the gift by name if you like, and a nice closing

Dear Friend,
I am so grateful for the lovely gift.
Best wishes,

Hey Girl,
Thank you ever so much for the thoughtful present. You know me so well.
Much love,

That gift rocked, can’t wait to use it!
With gratitude,

It doesn’t have to be a dissertation. Select a note card or stationary that reflects your style and personality. Some cute choices from Etsy, here, here, and yep here. The note should have a warm, friendly or even playful tone. Show your love and send a hand written thank you note!

When it comes to thank you notes, are you old school handwritten or new school electronic?

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Traveling Coach Isn’t So Bad…

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Happy Friday! This week has flowwwn by and so did the month of July! But August signals the countdown to the birthday vacation trip. I’ll be deviating a bit from our weekly topics and posting a few more on travel. Going First Class is high on the bucket list, but this time around it’s Coach for a long flight but there are ways to make Coach feel better, if not just like First Class.

One of my favorite travel gurus is Sonia Gil. She is very quirky and a bit offbeat, but she explains travel topics in everyday language. She has a whole video series on travel covering a wide range of topics, from packing, to hotels, to fashion. Sonia has come up with some quick tips to make Coach feel a little more luxurious.

Coach, First Class, travel

Do you travel Coach or First Class? What are some of your tips for improving traveling in Coach Class?

Have a peaceful weekend!

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Sisterly Friendships

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birthday brunch

Hey pretties!!!
I’m back!!! I’m attempting to write this post without boo-hooing, but the weekend was better than I ever imagined. The theme for the brunch was Mimosas and Maxis. I asked my girls to wear their favorite maxi dress and they delivered. Such fashionistas! The folks at 4th and Swift prepared a beautiful and delicious brunch and never ending mimosas, even creating a personalized menu for the day! If you’re ever in The A, check them out!

birthday, 50th birthday
It was my 50th birthday, but it was really a day to celebrate sisterly friendships because the word sister rang out over and over.
brunch Collage 3

I commissioned these custom bracelets as gifts for the sister friends. The green bead symbolizes life, the purple bead for royalty, since Leos are Queens of the jungle, the dress charm for our fashion theme and the infinity charm for endless friendships. I’m a cookie monster so I also gifted the ladies these custom cookies. So pretty and so good!

bead bracelets, custom cookies
brunch  Collage 5

It is essential that as women we form bonds with other women. These sister friends have stood by my side during the good, the bad, and the ugly that life sometimes brings-they have my back. These sister friends are family, friends, high school classmates, college classmates, sorority sisters, and co-workers, with many relationships 20 years or longer. My sister friends call me sister, lil sister, big sister, friend, confidante, cheerleader, mentor and of course diva…LOL I love them and I feel immensely blessed to have them in my life, thank you God. What a time we had! So happy!

Gearing up now for vacation, more to come on that!

Do you share sisterly bonds with a special group of women? I sure hope so! Have a great day my pretty friends!

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You're amazing

Hey Pretties,
Hope your weekend was great! Thank you for the birthday wishes, the party is still going strong, but I wanted to share some wise words from Emily at Cupcakes and Cashmere. I love this post, wish I had known these things at 21. As I read the post, I thought here’s an uber successful blogger/business woman who has struggled with confidence issues, who knew?? Her tips are straightforward and easy to incorporate in our daily lives. It goes to show that we are all women striving to be better, more confident women. Confidence is a woman’s best dress. Enjoy! I’ll back in full swing tomorrow!

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